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FAQ: Byte-sized digital skills for your life and career

by: Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine - 23 July 2015


Digify Bytes is an intensive two-day training experience delivered by young people for young people, aimed at giving thousands of learners and job-seekers a short, sharp shot of digital skills. Delivered by passionate young digital professionals in the early stages of their own careers, Digify Bytes will open up a whole new world of jobs and employment opportunities where digital skills will give you an advantage.

What is Digify Bytes? Aimed at 18-25 year-olds, Digify Bytes offers two unique one-day workshops in locations around South Africa, giving learners the chance to accelerate their knowledge of digital.

How will Digify Bytes help?
Bytes sessions are:

  • FREE to attend
  • Packed full of practical digital skills to practice and learn
  • A first stepping stone to understanding and accessing new digital careers
  • A great way to understand how to build your own personal brand on digital platforms
  • Linked directly to learnerships and job opportunities
  • An entry point to the Digify community of young digital professionals and jobseekers in SA

How does Digify Bytes work?
Digify Bytes are full day interactive sessions delivered in two parts:

  • Digital 101: an in-depth overview of the digital world, from search to social media
  • Strategy 101: how to use online statistics and analysis tools for business

Led by experienced young Digify trainers who are now working in the industry, the programme is made up of simple, short interactive sessions. Learners will be assessed before and after to track their learning progress. Once the programme is complete, learners will be awarded a Digify Bytes certificate of completion.

How do I participate?
Go to to find out where the courses are taking place near you.

How can my institution participate?
To sign up your organization to host Digify Bytes workshops please contact Gugu Kheswa on or Polly Sekwala on, or call
011 028 7848 and speak to us directly.