Reverse Digital Hustles in pictures

by: Siyabonga Mkhasibe - 3 September 2015

Last Thursday, Livity Africa in association with British Council Connect ZA Innovation ZA month and the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival, brought you the Reverse Digital Hustles at the Wits Art Museum in Braamfontein. 

Digital Hustles_ ©Siyabonga Mkhasibe_ 01

With this Digital Hustle, unlike previous ones we’ve hosted, we flipped the script and had Fak’ugesi resident Jepchumba engage the audience on the digital future of Johannesburg. After short presentations by Jepchumba, Kerry Friend and Irini Papadimtriou the audience was split into six groups and were tasked with brainstorming unique ideas around technological advancements in Africa and Johannesburg particularly.

Digital Hustles_ ©Siyabonga Mkhasibe_ 02

Needless to say some quirky and eccentric ideas came out the session.

One of the ideas conceptualized was the Eti-Kit, designed to give you information about the environment. Another idea was a solar panel with a wireless charger. “We need to develop something that can help people turn their ideas to action,” said another group.

Digital Hustles_ ©Siyabonga Mkhasibe_ 17

British Council Connect ZA is a major series of cultural exchanges between the UK and South Africa marking 2014 as a celebration of 20 years of democracy in South Africa. From 2013 to 2015, the programme will support cultural connections between young people aged 18-35 in the UK and South Africa with series of arts projects and use digital platforms to build creative networks through live music, film, visual art and design. British Council Connect ZA aims to reach new and diverse audiences for the arts and stimulate innovation, whilst forging new collaborations with organisations and individuals on both continents.

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