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Every three months, Live SA selects a group of 10 contributors who work with us to produce the content you see on the website while also getting valuable on-the-job experience and learning more about the media industry. Meet the team:

Cape Town


Mihlali Ntsabo
Name: Mihlali Ntsabo
Title: Content creator
Biography: Meet Mihlali, he is also known as Ntsabo.
His main interests are current affairs and social issues.
One of the things you should talk to him about is how great Beyonce is and how journalism can be improved.
What you don't know about him is that is a black queer and he is the elder brother of two.
Athenkosi Guntu
Name: Athenkosi Guntu
Title: Content creator
Biography: Athi would like to think he is an adventurous bloke, so trying new things always gets a green light from him. He also enjoys learning, whether from a place or people.
He has a tattoo of an angel on his back, which represents his mom's passing and how he feels like she's always around. He hates showing his emotions.
“After the programme, I am looking forward to being a dope writer and photographer. My time at Live SA is proving that I don't need to go to school to master that. You guys gave me the platform proves that I can do it.”

Carlos Ncube
Name: Carlos Ncube
Title: Content creator
Biography: Carlos, also known as snooty or Kaelow.
His interests are comic books, reading, writing (poems and stories), and hip hop.
Three things you don't know about him?
"I listen to kwaito when I'm in a taxi, House music when I take long walks and RnB when I'm asleep."

Precious Mishombo
Name: Precious Mishombo
Title: Content creator
Biography: Precious AKA Shawdy is interested in skateboarding, romantic novels, politics and God.

She is looking forward to is starting my own fashion & lifestyle magazine as well as becoming a book publisher.
Aziwe Rayi
Name: Aziwe Rayi
Title: Content crearor
Biography: When you meet her on these Braam or even Eastern Cape streets talk to her about anything that relates to Africa and soul music. Aziwe has three facts she would like for you to know, “The mark on my top right cheek is from chicken pox, I am a Nina Simone music fanatic and I was rejected three times before being accepted into my primary school choir”. She hopes to be work at any media production company in Johannesburg as a creative writer.
Buntu Mgwelo
Name: Buntu Mgwelo
Title: Content creator
Biography: When you see Buntu, talk to him about politics, African literature, human rights and how to break cycle of poverty in South Africa. Things you don't know about him are that he is a youth leader at his church, he loves cooking and he is a lover of jazz music. After the program Buntu is looking forward to being equipped in all areas of content creation.
Nompumelelo Makhakha
Name: Nompumelelo Makhakha
Title: Content Creator
Biography: I'm interested in fashion, music, photography, youth development and women empowerment. I am also a huge sneaker-head and a passionate lover of radio.

After her Live SA training, she is looking forward to using the skills she learned to build a strong career and become an asset in any organisation that will hire her as a digital content producer.
Seithati Sengoatsi
Name: Seithati Sengoatsi
Title: Content Creator
Biography: She is interested in all things fitness including cycling, running and gym. The writer, presenter and health foodie says her first love is science and that she wants to eventually run her own business. She is also planning to change and challenge people’s thinking through her articles. She also wants to use the skills she learned at Live SA, SEO and Google Analytics, to launch a blog.
Nhlawulo Chauke
Name: Nhlawulo Chauke
Title: Content creator
Biography: "Talk to me about people who are doing something in their communities to change lives. "

He has interests in radio, photography and TV production. Hire him because he is full of confidence and he is eager to learn new things everyday.
Thembeka Makhubela
Name: Thembeka Makhubela
Title: Content Creator
Biography: I am interested in baking, good wine, playing rugby, religion as well as weight-lifting.
After her training at Live SA, Thembeka says she is looking forward to working as a social media manager and being a broadcast journalist.