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Every three months, Live SA selects a group of 10 contributors who work with us to produce the content you see on the website while also getting valuable on-the-job experience and learning more about the media industry. Meet the team:

Cape Town


Mihlali Ntsabo
Name: Mihlali Ntsabo
Title: Content creator
Biography: Meet Mihlali, he is also known as Ntsabo.
His main interests are current affairs and social issues.
One of the things you should talk to him about is how great Beyonce is and how journalism can be improved.
What you don't know about him is that is a black queer and he is the elder brother of two.
Athenkosi Guntu
Name: Athenkosi Guntu
Title: Content creator
Carlos Ncube
Name: Carlos Ncube
Title: Content creator
Biography: Carlos, also known as snooty or Kaelow.
His interests are comic books, reading, writing (poems and stories), and hip hop.
Three things you don't know about him?
"I listen to kwaito when I'm in a taxi, House music when I take long walks and RnB when I'm asleep."

Precious Mishombo
Name: Precious Mishombo
Title: Content creator
Biography: Precious AKA Shawdy is interested in skateboarding, romantic novels, politics and God.

She is looking forward to is starting my own fashion & lifestyle magazine as well as becoming a book publisher.
Aziwe Rayi
Name: Aziwe Rayi
Title: Content crearor
Buntu Mgwelo
Name: Buntu Mgwelo
Title: Content creator
Nhlawulo Chauke
Name: Nhlawulo Chauke
Title: Content creator
Biography: "Talk to me about people who are doing something in their communities to change lives. "

He has interests in radio, photography and TV production. Hire him because he is full of confidence and he is eager to learn new things everyday.