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These are the amazing young contributors who produce the stories, pictures and videos on our website.

Cape Town

Aseza Pupuma
Name: Aseza Pupuma
Title: Content creator
Biography: Aseza has an infectious smile and is prone to laugh at the most random things. She is a low-key poet, aspiring photographer, and a full time hip-hop fanatic. She believes hip-hop is the poetry they never accepted. She has a thing for people's stories and finds inspiration in the smallest things. Free-spirit is the best word she uses to describe herself. She is determined to be every bit of everything she wants to be in life, because I mean life is too great to be one thing.
Geraldine Amoko
Name: Geraldine Amoko
Title: Content creator
Biography: Geraldine is a young, spirited creative rooted in God-based values. She is a Ugandan-South African who is in a love affair with theatre, films and African literature. As a recent media graduate, Gerry aspires to release her passion for stories into the media and entertainment industry. She enjoys engaging in conversations that challenge people to see things around them differently. Her dream since she was a young girl has always been to fly, but she has since realised that her creative wings allow her to do just that.
Lebohang Ntoele
Name: Lebohang Ntoele
Title: Content creator
Biography: Lebohang is a film, media and literature student with a healthy obsession with all things animation. When she's not spending her time compiling conspiracy theories about her favourite TV shows and media publications, she can be found practicing her meditation, trying out new recipes or reimagining music videos she'd co-direct with Solange.
Lukho Witbooi
Name: Lukho Witbooi
Title: Content creator
Biography: Lukho Witbooi is journalism student. He also writes short stories, and has finally found the guts to start submitting them for publication. Lukho is weird, but you’d probably like him if you met him. Okay, maybe just for the first week because sometimes he assumes that the stuff he finds fascinating like South African speculative fiction, Batman, hip-hop and combating the legacy of apartheid are what we should be discussing 24 hours a day. But you probably will never meet him so that’s okay.
Mandy Alexander
Name: Mandy Alexander
Title: Content creator
Biography: Mandy has a Bachelor of Arts degree. She’s a newcomer in the “real world” she grew up hearing about. She finds joy in dancing. Music is essential to her positive outlook on life. She believes in doing the things that bring her that childhood bliss, no matter how silly they make her look. She loves books. She's been to many worlds, existing as different versions of herself through books. She dreams of writing stories and creating platforms for marginalised people.
Misa Makwakwa Masokameng
Name: Misa Makwakwa Masokameng
Title: Content producer
Biography: Misa Makwakwa Masokameng is a student at the University of Stellenbosch pursuing a degree in international studies. She is an accomplished and award-winning dancer with a keen interest in the performing arts including, but not limited to, poetry and music. She also possesses a multilingual and multicultural background, with dual citizenship from South Africa and the US. Misa is fluent in English and proficient in French. As a digital storyteller, Misa launched her blog, Misa Narrates, in April 2016.
Mayuyuka Kaunda
Name: Mayuyuka Kaunda
Title: Content creator
Biography: Mayuyuka is an aspiring writer who listens to hip-hop and whistles to himself.
He's excited by words, cool sounds and a good milkshake.
Lufuno Ramadwa
Name: Lufuno Ramadwa
Title: Content creator
Biography: Lufuno is a photographer, videographer and artist, who studies broadcast journalism at the University of Cape Town. She is a creative behind TheFebenzaCollective, a movement through which she aspires to put more black women in the forefront of production. She considers herself an introvert, who speaks louder through her art and prefers to show rather than tell. Lufuno would die for the Internet, her hair, anything visually stimulating and music


Abigail Zikhali
Name: Abigail Zikhali
Title: Content creator
Biography: I'm caught somewhere between psychotic and iconic. I secretly wish that I belonged to a hardcore all female gang that kills shit in the media and fashion industry. Music is life(I am also low key cheesy).
Tshemane Khojane
Name: Tshemane Khojane
Title: Content creator
Biography: Tshemane aka Crusher is a photographer and videographer who loves playing around with crazy effects. I am a very technical person "techno geek", crazy at times, especially when in work mode. My hobbies include gaming, meditation and picture / video editing.
Courtney Rehman
Name: Courtney Rehman
Title: Content creator
Biography: I'm a recent journalism graduate who wants to go end up in doing events and PR for clients. I love food, food is happiness. I have this fetish for purses and bags and I hate being a girly girl.
Nkhensani Manabe
Name: Nkhensani Manabe
Title: Content creator
Biography: I have wanderlust, but dololo budget. My role models are Khwezi Magwaza and Issa Rae (and sometimes Rihanna). I am a young woman intent on using words to their fullest extent. Future EIC of your favourite magazine.
Mamosa Kekana
Name: Mamosa Kekana
Title: Content creator
Biography: I describe myself simply in these three words 'lifestyle content producer', basically I create lifestyle content. I have suddenly developed an interest in social media managing and videography. I'm hoping to kick ass, so the world better watch this space.
Paballo Lekalakala
Name: Paballo Lekalakala
Title: Content creator
Biography: Pablo the shy guy behind the lens. I love to record and capture moments. I enjoy images that tell stories.
Lebohang Morake
Name: Lebohang Morake
Title: Content creator
Biography: I am a journalism graduate, who loves indulging in literature by poets of colour. I focus on women issues and black identity. I love going to markets almost as much as I love coffee. I love to maintain an air of mystery but ' black female excellence' and 'black girl magic' are terms I hope to emulate one day.
Sithembiso Xaba
Name: Sithembiso Xaba
Title: Content crearor
Biography: Sometimes, I think I rule the world but most times I simply write about it. I love all things artistic and I’m absolutely obsessed with social media. Life is what I make of it, so I take pictures, they last longer.
Ntandoyenkosi Dlamini
Name: Ntandoyenkosi Dlamini
Title: Content creator
Biography: I am a lover of everything written... I'm also forever taking pictures unless, of course, I am in them.