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Digify is an innovative training journey developed by Livity Africa, with support from Google and IAB SA, aiming to create the next generation of job-ready digital upstarts. Meet our second Digify crew based in Johannesburg who have all started their digital careers upon graduating from Digify. For more info, please email or follow us on Twitter @DigifyZA  #digifyza.


Fawziya Sofiana
Name: Fawziya Sofiana
Biography: I'm the principal who lives by no principles, except that you’re invincible. I know everything because I know that I know nothing at all.
3 word description: Good.Vibe.Generator
Dream career: Freelance SEO specialist and Web developer
Katlego Madiba
Name: Katlego Madiba
Biography: I am an Entrepreneur and now Digital Marketer; as well as a contemporary writer. I am one who prefers to keep moving forward and chooses to not be static in life otherwise anything else would be spiritual suicide. I am primarily driven by ambition, passion, innovation, principle and personal philosophy.
3 word Description: Ambitious, Cunning, and Innovative
Dream Career: My dream job is quite direct; I would like to be a Digital Marketing Director, who is also a search engine optimizer (SEO), analytics strategist and Web developer. Whilst at the same time pursuing my entrepreneurial ambitions. Although I am certain that this will change over time as my interests continue to evolve.
Sifiso Bhengu
Name: Sifiso Bhengu
Biography: I am A 22 year old broad-minded, unique digital marketer and strategist. Endlessly interested in advertising and branding, it has been interesting to see how social media has shaped the lives of its users as well as create brand and consumer relationships. My willingness to learn has opened the door for me to join Digify 5.0 and will enable me with a diverse, dynamic set of marketing skills and knowledge. One of the greatest young minds around, I am ready to share this greatness with the world and become a marketing and strategic guru in the industry.
3 word description: Passionate, bold and creative

Dream Career:
I am a “solutionist” who is ready to take on the world as Coca-Cola’s next strategist and communication manager.
Gugu Mkhize
Name: Gugu Mkhize
Biography: I am a 23 year old corporate communications graduate from UJ. I love learning new things about anything and everything. I'm a girly girl, love fashion and makeup hence I have my own beauty blog. I have a crazy sense of humour and I speak my mind. I have the ultimate plug and play personality.
3 word description:
Dream career: I am an aspiring creative director with a specialized SEO and user experience background.

Thandy Mayinga
Name: Thandy Mayinga
Biography: I'm Thandy Mayinga from Thulamahashe Mpumalanga i studied marketing management with TNC, also did an internship with Direct Marketing Association if South Africa, at BMW I worked as a customer consultant. I am now a Digital trainee at Digify. I am passionate about digital marketing and everything that has to do with digital.
3 word description: Fun, smart and intelligent

Rethabile Koatla
Name: Rethabile Koatla
Biography: I am Rethabile Koatla, a free spirited 24 year old marketing graduate from Vanderbijlpark. My goal at Digify 5.0 is to learn all about the digital marketing industry and become Digified.
3 word description: Fun, artistic, unconventional
Dream career: My dream job is to be a content marketer at Native VML. I love God, music, art, and coffee

Thapelo Phukuje
Name: Thapelo Phukuje
Biography: My purpose in my life to Inspire, motivate people and also discover methods to improve others life. Also the ability to communicate well and possess good problem solving skills. Innovative change is good. Going an extra mile for clients and never compromise my ethical beliefs. Growth is vital.
3 word description: Disciplined, not easily intimidated and patient
Dream career: My dream career is counselling psychologist.
Phumza Mankayi
Name: Phumza Mankayi
Biography: I am an agile writer who studied Psychology and worked in the NGO Sector for 3 years to better understand human connection. As an enthusiast for personal and overall individual growth I advocate social reform projects and wish to become a specialist in this movement. Incorporating my love for creative genius I am a multi-media enthusiast and I am in a training digital media training programme to better assist with merging the two worlds and become a magazine editor.
3 word description: Inquisitive Humorous Humanitarian
Dream career: Magazine Editor (Online and Print)
Social Entrepreneur, Web Developer.

Joy Diphoko
Name: Joy Diphoko
Biography: A young ambitious entrepreneur from Rustenburg and a Strategic Communication graduate from University of Johannesburg. I am passionate about youth empowerment and entrepreneurship but also believe you need to learn the ropes from people who have had success stories. I am a major foodie and a movie junkie
3 word description: I would describe myself as a self-starter, ambitious and a success hungry individual and willing to put in the work to ensure my dreams and aspirations become a reality.
Dream Career: I am looking forward to a career in digital marketing specifically social media marketing at this point, I might develop an interest for something else, but see the end of the course.
Amanda Thusi
Name: Amanda Thusi
Biography: Young creative enthusiast who loves everything arty. I have a background in marketing now venturing into digital marketing to join the ever so changing world of Digital. A social media content manager and medial mogul in the making. Impossible is nothing when it comes to me.
3 word description: Diligent. Easy-going. Reliable
Dream Career: Posting and updating all the social media platforms for a big brand.

Ofentse Lewis
Name: Ofentse Lewis
Biography: I Am Ofentse Sean Lewis Aka EPIC. Get Hooked & Locked In My Dreams, They Were For Those Who Believe In Art, Those Who Have Faith In The Line That Joins Culture & Diversity.
My Main Focus Is To Empower Youth & Have Influence in All Elements Surrounding Arts
3 word description: I am epic
Dream Career: Creative Director & Social Media Manager
Mcondisi Radebe
Name: Mcondisi Radebe
Biography: From the south side, Soweto Orlando east. I’m a visual artist specializing in Drawings, Paintings and structural architect. I have a Diploma in Business Management form Rosebank College. I’m very passionate about mixing business with the Arts in general and a new technology.

3 word description: Creative, Artistic and Businessman
Dream career: Creative Director/Digital Strategist

Nthabiseng Mushi
Name: Nthabiseng Mushi
Biography: I'm a lover of people and have a passion for sports and fashion, I enjoy being in the classroom therefore continuously learning new skills is a characteristic that separates me from the masses. I will be a billionaire before I turn 40 through my passions. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, I love children and dogs. After digify I want to get into digital strategy, content and social media management.

3 word description: Drive, passion and creative.

Dream Career: I want to be the Rupert Murdoch of South Africa by creating a synergy of digital and sports.

Phophi Themeli
Name: Phophi Themeli
Biography: My name is Phophi, a 21 year old driven creative who is passionate about motion pictures and marketing. I studied film at AFDA for a year but could not complete my studies due to funds. I love marketing, creating content and telling stories through images and videos.
3 word description: Creative, Ambitious and spontaneous
Dream career: I want to be a creative director. My dream is to own a creative collective company that represents artists from all walks of life.
Lwavela Poyo
Name: Lwavela Poyo
Biography: I consider myself a student of life, I am very open minded so I am always open to learning new things from different people from different backgrounds. I would like to think of myself as a creative, I am attracted to beautiful things be it arts, landscape and designs.
3 word description: Driven,curious,smart worker.
Dream career: My dream career would be producing kick ass adverts in both digital media and television, I would like to work in a space where I am allowed to let my mind go wild with ideas and actually implement them.
Lwazi Mazibuko
Name: Lwazi Mazibuko
Biography: Siboniso Lwazilwenkosi Mazibuko. I am a digital marketing trainee at DigifyZA and a multimedia artist. I'm a fast paced individual who loves all things culture. Music and food makes me feel good and I really don't know what I hate.

3 word description: Traditional, Open Minded & Fun
Dream career: Be a learner in an evolving creative & culturally diverse space. Research and come up with innovative & creative ideas to pass into brands and maybe change the way pupils are taught in primary schools.
Tumelo Fofo
Name: Tumelo Fofo
Biography: Tumelo is an avid lover of the arts. Born in Soweto; his intrinsic need for audio/visual stimulus is a matter of survival. This fuels his love for filmmaking and any other artform. He aspires towards being a globally recognised creative director, with a penchant for film and marketing. He plans to hone his skills and continuously educate himself in both fields.
3 word description: Adventurous, visionary and creative.
Dream career: being a creative director, with a production company that deals with film/photography. music, fashion and skateboarding.
Nkululeko Gule
Name: Nkululeko Gule
Biography: I am a quiet guy, I speak when it gets me somewhere e.g a presentation, a pitch, us usually I like listening to people because I feel that I could learn a lot in what they say
3 word description:
Dream career: My dream career would be to own my own businesses specializing in logistics, banking, trade, and mining and have a couple of investments in major corporates. I want to merge digital marketing with all of these "boring" careers to make it fun, I believe that if they were more "fun" and hip then they have the potential of making more money than it currently is because it will attract more interest therefore more money.
Nomvula Mathizerd
Name: Nomvula Mathizerd
Biography: Learning has always been my mantra, it always helps me identify challenges I am keen on taking on. Having the purpose to inspire, lead by example through the work that I do in my community. And Digify serves as a vehicle to reaching my true potential and goals in this industry.
3 word description: Creative - Ambition and ready.
Dream Career: Being an art director/Cinematographer, social media manager and trainer.
Chris Martiens
Name: Chris Martiens
Biography: I am Chris Masasani Martiens, a Young South African Creative with a great

passion for Multimedia and Digital Optimization. In that sense, you could say

I’m the self proclaimed “Multimedia and Digital Optimizer.”

I am 22years old and I am from Florida, Gauteng SA.

My personality is largely emphasised through my dress code and style which is;

Colourful, Funky, Weirdly different but quirky and smart.

I’m an aspiring Art director, and Billionaire, God willingly; I will get both before

I turn 30. I’m a Model, a Digital Marketer, a Sound Engineer as well as an

Entrepreneur with a huge passion for advertising. I’m a firm Christian who does

not believes in boundaries or impossibilities but instead, lives by the scripture: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Three words that best describe me: Innovative Creative Genius