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Live Mag is a nationwide youth-run media channel covering a range of topics from fashion, politics, music, art, relationships, career advice, events and gigs.

Always delivered in a tone that is authentic and relevant – because it is generated by the youth themselves. All the content is 100% produced by our team of 18-25 year olds. Every three months, young people are recruited to run the channel with the aim of training them, and connecting them with employment or entrepreneurship opportunities in the creative industry.

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Digify Africa…The people behind Live Mag

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We are created and managed by Digify Africa. We’re your credible shortcut to SA’s youth audience. We offer print, online and social media advertising campaigns; sampling and street team activations; branded content advertorials; youth research and insights; and event and project management.

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VIP Campaign

In 2014, Live SA began the VIP Campaign journey with a view to unpack the subtle differences in meaning the national elections had for the youth audience. In 2015, the amazing success of the campaign has forced us to reimagine the scope – we now know it extends far beyond the vote. And we now know that young people want a seat at the highest levels of decision-making to ensure accountability and transparency – on their own terms.

Check out our latest content on our Voting is Power mini-site and YouTube channel, join our Google + page, like our dedicated Facebook page LiveVIPZA and join the discussion on Twitter @LiveVIPZA  #LiveVIPZA.

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Live from Parliament

Live from Parliament casts a youth lens on parliament and government, covering committees, policy-making, MPs, and the sitting of actual Parliament. Our team of youth journalists report Live from Parliament every week in partnership with the People’s Assembly and Making All Voices Count.

The People’s Assembly connects people and their elected representatives. To stay in touch with your local MP, visit, follow them on Twitter @PeoplesAssem_SA or Facebook/PeoplesAssemblySA.

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