You might need to hear these words right now …

by: Live Staff - 29 June 2017

You might need to hear these words right now …

If there was ever a time to harness the power of the spoken word to uplift and inspire young people, it is during Youth Month. And Vodacom struck the right note with its rallying cry for young people to strive for success and excellence, irrespective of their challenges and circumstance.

The well-respected blog Marklives even awarded Vodacom, Ogilvy Team Red and director Dan Mace of Egg Films #AdoftheWeek for perfectly capturing the voice of the youth in an authentic way and in a manner that will resonate beyond the month of June.



Using spoken word, to speak about harnessing the power of ironic understatement turning it around to fuel ambition instead of hinder it. It is quite simply an inspiring message about not allowing your situation to hold you back from reaching for your dreams and your full potential. The #TIYT campaign’s pay-off line, ‘This is Your Time’ has never been more appropriate than it is right now.


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