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Digify 5.0 Week 1- Done and Dusted

Digify 5.0 Week 1- Done and Dusted

by: Morwesi Ndlovu - 14 September 2015

The first week for the Digify team in Johannesburg is done and dusted. Livity Africa welcomed 20 students into the program and their week was filled with introductory activities and sessions about presenting skills as well as Google analytics and AdWords (which will continue throughout the three month program). Well, the Digify 5.0 cohort is ready to take on the rest of the program.

The selection process in Johannesburg which led to having the talented and skilled 20 cohort members was indeed interesting and tough. All 150 applications that were received were potential candidates however, only 20 could make it through.

Our latest class is made of self-made entrepreneurs, graduates and those who are getting to know more about Digital Marketing and what it has to offer.

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One student who is a multi-media artist was a Live Mag intern and decided to apply for the Digital Marketing course which is in line with his profession. “I am hoping to gain skills and personal development in relation to having to present in front of people. With the time I spent at LiveMag, I was not able to grow my understanding of Digital Marketing and I hope to learn a lot from this program,”Lwazi Mazibuko.

The Livity Africa team has had to adjust to the number of candidates they took in for Digify 5.0 cohort which is a total of 20 students. Sherry Bitting Dzinoreva, who is the Digify Program Director is looking forward to the experience and huge adjustment and growth to the program. “It is really exciting to see everyone grow throughout the program, I am interested in seeing how they will work together and go into their different digital professions into the industry. Especially since it is our first time accepting 20 candidates and launching in Cape Town.”

This programme is for anyone who is interested in growing their knowledge and making a career of Digital Marketing. If however, you would like to be part of the experience, make sure you keep visiting our website to get more information on when to apply to be part of the Digify experience.

Digify Bytes is also available, “which is a course similar to the Digify three month program but fitted into two days,” Bokang Sibolla, a Bytes trainer and Digify graduate, said to Digify 5.0 cohort. For more details on how to be part of that programme contact Polly Sekwala or call 011 028 7848 and speak to us directly.

Digify is also launching in Cape Town and the Project Manager, Qhakaza Mthembu, is looking forward to the challenge. “I am a bit nervous but also excited because it means we are able to offer this opportunity to more young people; the more young people we are able to get through the program the better. Moving to four cohorts a year means we are able to get more young people into the industry.”

Once the program is complete, placement for the Digify graduates commences. And past Digify graduates have started careers in reputable advertising and marketing agencies such as Metropolitan Republic, RED Marketing, Blue Magnet, Proserv, Native VML, Aqua, Quirk and Publicis Machine to name a few.

If you are a brand, an agency or organisation and you are looking to get involved in the recruitment or training of Digify graduates who are the next generation of digital talent, please contact Qhakaza Mthembu at or call 011 028 7487.