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A change of routine

A change of routine

by: Morwesi Ndlovu - 12 May 2015

Dance institutions like Khabonina’s dance school, Somizi’s dance facility and DanceWeb studios are considered to be some of the best platforms to provide a path for dancers that want to be part of award events, which are considered as central attractions in SA.

Award shows are known to have a large viewership and as a dance fanatic, I’ve realized that for the longest time the same group of dancers have been participating in these prestigious events year after place. This left me with a question – “When will we be given a chance to see more talent on these award shows?”

Yes, the profiles of the same dancers we see one award show after the other are being boosted and their list of appearances on these award shows become ridiculously long.

Firstly, we need to find out about what influence major dance studios have on these platforms. I spoke to Craig and Mandy Bullock who are well respected dance professionals that also own DanceWeb studio in Sandton. They make it their business to know if dancers have facilities to groom their talent and skills they have.


Mandy and Craig Bullock, founders of DanceWeb studios. They founded the dance institution in 2001 born out of a collective passion for teaching dance to the youth of South Africa.

South African streets have so many talented individuals and crews who don’t have a place to call home. DanceWeb is proud to say that we reach out to crews who need a home to rehearse their skill. Crews and dancers also need guidance and mentors to channel these aspiring dance athletes in the right direction as some are left aimless and without direction, making these talented individuals ending their dance career prematurely.” Craig Bullock mentioned.

DanceWeb studio as one of the biggest dance studios elaborates how the industry of events and dancers come together and what their role is when it comes to dancers utilizing these platforms.

Because of Dance Web’s well- established brand of 15 years we have worked in the corporate industry, advertising and entertainment industry and have proven that hard working and committed dancers can work hand in hand with the industry.We receive daily calls from production houses, advertising, film and media houses looking for dancers who fit their brief”.

“We pride ourselves with an excellent work ethic that includes professionalism, punctuality, excellence & versatility therefore providing companies with artistes with sterling service in their craft.”

They further discussed the attributes dancers that want a platform to groom their talent need to have in order to join their brand and most the channels they need to go through for them to be part of award show platforms.

We look for a desire and passion to continually engage and educate themselves in dance,dancers must attempt all disciplines as promotes a more versatile artiste. Commitment to lessons is key. A positive attitude and towards team work. An enthusiastic and motivated individual. Dancing is not all fun and games its about the skill it’s about the marathon. Dancers need to link themselves to studios with a good reputation,studios that can open doors for them on a national and international level. They need to attend auditions in order to be identified as potential candidates for work”.

Craig is a director on the board of South African Dance Teachers Association (SADTA). He gave an overview of what his roles entail when it comes to providing assistance for dancers that are not aware of platforms such as DanceWeb.

Alot of the times DanceWeb hosts workshops, auditions, dance camps and castings which are all platforms focused on assisting and supporting dancers that are in need of our assistance.”

There you have it, dancers of any genre need to get informed about the right places and the platforms that will assist them to get to award shows. And that’s if they would love to be performing.


Instead of complaining about seeing the same people on that stage, ask yourself who you can talk to about being part of the most recognised dancers on award shows. Find about about gigs that will link you up to the necessary studios. Most probably including yourself in crowds that involve those dancers could also assist you in landing on to that stage. However, remember that talent and passion for this game will get you far.

Photography By GazetteNet and DanceWeb Facebook 

Words By @Morwesi_Ndlovu