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Here are the 5 hottest digital jobs at the moment

Here are the 5 hottest digital jobs at the moment

by: Contributor - 26 October 2016

“It’s no exaggeration that any organisation that has no online strategy today is not worthy of being taken seriously. No matter what business you are involved in, it’s absolutely crucial to have an internet strategy,” according to Nigerian business magazine, FinTel.

But doing digital strategy is just one of a few digital jobs that are hot in the industry right now. Here are 5 for you to consider if you want to work in the digital space:

1. Digital strategist

Responsible for developing and overseeing digital media offerings. They need to be experienced with all forms of digital media strategy and planning.

Skills: Experience in developing digital, brand and communication strategies, ability to come up with innovative content and being in the know about the latest trends, technologies and digital platforms.

2. Digital designer

With most conventional media moving online, digital designers are in demand. They are responsible for interpreting client briefs and turning them into designs for digital platforms.

Requirements: Tertiary qualification in design, digital design experience a must, advanced proficiency in Adobe CC package, HTML and CSS.

3. PHP web developer

They build websites and analyse user needs to ensure that proper content, graphics and underlying structure are used to meet the goals of the user and the website’s owner. They also handle end to end technical aspects of projects such as web builds and deployment.

Skills: Understanding of Search Engine Optimisation principles, experience with technologies like CSS, HTML, jQuery and Ajax, and e-commerce development.

4. Digital PR specialist

Needed to work campaigns to promote brands online. They’re also responsible for mapping online audiences and influential members online communities.

Responsibilities: Map online audiences and communities to target for content placement, build and manage relationships with influential bloggers, thought leaders and editorial staff, analyse social interactions and manage the outreach input of content production and social promotion.

5. Mobile architect

Like other software engineers, a mobile architect analyses, designs, builds, tests, implements and maintains multiple system components or applications. With mobile penetration in Africa expected to be increase beyond its current figure of  750 million users, this is a hot skill to have.

Skills: Proven experience in mobile development, iOS, Adroid and Windows mobile. You also need a a strong grasp of design patterns and modern software design principles and be familiar with mobile web technologies like HTML, XML and flash.

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